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Know your heart health before it’s too late!

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Brentonio on Heart Health. Know your Cholesterol level before it’s too late! I was fairly fit, did martial arts for 8 yrs in the 80’s & 90’s. Then competition Ballroom Dancing & Rock n Roll Dancing in later life plus bush walking. So I was still averagely fit & not over weight for my age at 58 years old. I was told I had 4 weeks to live by my Cardiologist. I had been seeing my Doctor complaining about pain in my jaw, neck and fist when walking up hill. She told me I had anxiety and to exercise more. [ It pays to get a second opinion ]I went to my Cardiologist for a stress test. She had a double take of the screen and told me to get of the tread mill after 60 seconds as my beats were going down not up. I thought it was a joke when she told me I had 4 weeks to live and sent my straight to Hospital. She said the exercise I was told to do would have killed me. My aorta was 84% blocked and I needed a triple by-pass. I was introduced to other surgeons as a fit healthy male before the surgery. I was 184cm tall and 83kilo There was nothing I could have done as this was hereditary. SO PLEASE GET A CHOLESTEROL CHECK. It is a hidden killer. You might feel fine. Its what you cant see like a blockage that might cause a Heart Attack or Stroke. Do it for your family.

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