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Golf Balls 3 Pack

Golf Balls 3 Pack

(1 customer review)

3 layer Tournament Ball with soft feel on all shots

Stable flight / Enhanced greenside control

Excellent durability urethane outer layer

Poly Butadiene Core

332 Perfectly symmetrical dimple design

Made by a company that makes the big brands

USGA conforming


Relevant Product

Durable urethane cover for pursuit in high quality

322 dimple design to reduce wind drag more efficiently

Better greenside control from the premium cover

Ultra thin urethane cover for maximum feel & short game spin

Multi layer design and high energy speed core for higher ball speed and distance off the tee

USGA conforming tournament golf ball



1 review for Golf Balls 3 Pack

  1. Damian

    Tried these balls while playing. They put well and haven’t got any cuts when I hit them. Not bad.

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